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ACTT Introduces Artisanal Leadership Development Program in Ghana to Empower African Youth

professional artisans in Ghana
ALDP Trainees at ACTT Campus

The African Centre for Technical Training (ACTT), an institution with a goal of becoming the leading technical and vocational training institute in the African region with the current Head Office in Accra, has launched the Artisanal Leadership Development Program (ALDP) to empower African youth and artisans for industrial transformation.


Program Name: Artisanal Leadership Development Program

Theme: Training the Creative Leaders of Africa’s Industrial Transformation

1st-3rd March, 2023

Module 1: Customer Service and Business Ethics by Derek Asa-Akuffo

Module 2: Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Management by Kesha Owooh

Module 3: Basic Marketing and Digital Skills by Edward Asare and Elizabeth Cornell Afrakomah Awuku

Participants: 20 artisans (welders, painters, tailors, electricians, quantity surveyor, hairdresser, draftsman, computer engineer, cocoa farmer, production technician, building contractor)

Diversity: men, women, young, old, persons living with disability, self-employed, employees

artisan training


The African Centre for Technical Training (ACTT) was envisioned in 2015 and founded in 2022 out of pure grit and passion for reimagining Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Africa for the 21st century and beyond. We believe that artisans and the youth can be empowered to become the creative leaders of Africa’s industrial transformation. We are on a mission to empower artisans by continuously providing world-class, demand-driven, competency-based, hands-on training and the 21st century business skills required to power Africa’s industrial transformation.

Our innovative model leverages technology and adopts a responsive approach to skills training and jobs for young people, local artisans and businesses in the following envisioned trade areas plumbing, mechanical, electrical, woodwork, block laying, tiling, roofing, ceiling, painting and welding. We currently run Artisanal Leadership Development Programs monthly, and will admit our first trainees in Plumbing Systems Design in September this year. The plumbing program will run for 6 months and 18months. We welcome applications from junior/senior high school graduates, unemployed university graduates, early school dropouts and local artisans both masters and apprentices.

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