African Centre for Technical Training

Programs at ACTT

The desire to see a revolution in Africa’s industrialisation is at the core of each program; carved carefully to nurture demand-driven world-class skills in all our trainees. Our programs are open to anyone interested in gaining practical knowledge in the industry.

Plumbing Systems Design

Design sustainable plumbing systems for residential and commercial use.

Woodwork and Joinery

Modern standards in the design, construction and installation of wood

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Design of mechanical systems, troubleshooting and maintenance.

Electrical Systems Design

Essential concepts of electrical systems and power distribution.

Masonry and Tile Setting

Learn essentials of the trade including materials, estimation, laying, etc.

Welding and Fabrication Technology

Apply modern processes and practices for commercial and industrial purposes.

Ceiling Systems Design

Essential principles in design, specification, environmental sustainability, etc.

Roof Installation and Repair

Apply the basics of specification, estimation, environmental sustainability, etc.

Precision Painting in Construction

Professional standards in painting residential and commercial projects