African Centre for Technical Training

Woodwork and Joinery

Applications open for July 2024 candidates.

ACTT delivers a world-class Woodwork and Joinery Program that equips you with the knowledge needed to develop technical leadership skills in Carpentry.

Course Length

6months or 18months

Application Deadline

8th July 2024

Shortlisted Applicants

Notified within 5 days


Our comprehensive 6-month ACTT Woodwork & Joinery Program equips you with essential skills in woodworking and carpentry. The program kicks off with a solid foundation month, covering site preparation, tool usage, and occupational health & safety. The next four months focuses on specialization, where you will master joint work, foundation construction, roofing, and finishing techniques.

We integrate modern technology with Computer-Aided Design (CAD) training to ensure precision and efficiency in your projects. Hands-on learning includes everything from artifact design to material handling and scaffold installation. Business skills such as customer service, marketing, and financial management are also emphasized during the first month. The final month places you in a real-world apprenticeship, honing your workplace behavior and competencies. This framework is designed to produce highly skilled and market-ready woodwork and joinery professionals.


The July 2024 intake for ACTT’s Woodwork and Joinery program is open to artisans and young people aged 16 and above. This program will run for a duration of 6 months (week days) and 7 months (weekends) in Accra, Ghana. Interested persons are encouraged to apply by 8th July, 2024. However, we will welcome late applications on a rolling basis. Successful candidates will be notified within 5 days of submitting your application.